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We also are specialist in Demister filters.

Applications are mainly for the (petro)chemical,gas industry and food industry:

  • Oilseparator filters for schrew compressors
  • Air filters
  • Metal wire mesh for different technical applications.

In modern industry wire mesh and products made out of this offer in many cases the best solutions in different applications. Demisters are important issues for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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We deliver customized products in small series and in large series as well. Our technicians ara available for you to develop new solutions. As a matter of course first comes a prototype that you can test extensively. We can deliver Demisters or demister filters in 2 ways:

  • As spare parts for an used filter or
  • we proportion/dimension for you based on the delivered chemical and physical process data.

Some technical general information:

Material kinds: AISI304(L), AISI316(L), Ni alloys, CU-Ni alloys (Monel), cupper, aluminium, brass and steel Typology: Flat or crimped wire mesh with width betwee 35 and 800mm Shape: ciculair, rectangular or toroidal Density: between 80g/dm³ and 390g/dm³ Draden: usally between 0,10mm en 0,30mm, monofilament or multifilament configuration. Wires are round or flat.

To achieve the best separation with an optimum pressure drop it is very important to proportion/dimension with teh most accuracy.